User Guide


This web-based interactive application wraps the popular clusterProfiler package which implements methods to analyze and visualize functional profiles of genomic coordinates, genes and gene clusters.

Most of the code was optimized from the paper: NASQAR: A web-based platform for High-throughput sequencing data analysis and visualization. Ayman Yousif, Nizar Drou, Jillian Rowe, Mohammed Khalfan, Kristin C. Gunsalus. bioRxiv 709980; doi: .

Users can upload their own differential gene expression (DGE) data from DESeq2 or import data from any upstream analysis.

This application is meant to provide an intuitive interface for researchers to easily perform Over-representation analysis and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) of GO-Terms and KEGG pathways with no prior programming experience in R.

Visuals produced include dot plots, wordclouds, category net plots, enrichment map plots, GO induced graphs, and enriched KEGG pathway plots using the Pathview package.

See Figure 1 below for example output plots (Click on image to enlarge).

Figure 1: Example plots